Interview: Author Roberta Franklin

You may know Roberta Franklin from her “romance lover” website or her novels featuring Nikos and Sally — whom Roberta describes as “a fearless couple with a sense of humour and a healthy age difference.”

You may not know that Roberta was born in Germany, studied History and English Literature in Munich, and now lives in Piraeus (Greece) and London.

She has worked as a journalist, cruise ship Social Hostess, insurance agent, and as a freelance translator and teacher of foreign languages.

Roberta’s true passion has always been writing. We sat down with her recently to learn more about her life as an author and her advice for all of us writers.

IRIS: First, thank you for joining us. We appreciate your time today. Second, exactly what inspires Roberta Franklin, Author, to write?

ROBERTA: Most of all, it’s love. I’d been writing short stories and little plays ever since I was a teenager, but it was only when I met my husband that I really felt enough inspiration and courage to try my hand at a novel. There’s nothing like strong feelings to inspire you and get your writing going!

IRIS: When you write fiction: Do you listen to, or talk to, your characters?  How do you interact with your characters while you are writing?

ROBERTA: Oh yes, I often talk to my characters – or rather, my characters most of the time talk to me! They tell me what to do next, sometimes they even tell me to change the plot I had intended for them.

IRIS: What is the most important or most frequent advice you give about writing?

ROBERTA: First of all, believe in yourself! Everyone can be an author if he or she really wants to be. If you love books and read a lot yourself, you’ve already got the best training imaginable; all you’ve got to do is develop your own ideas and shape them into a plot that will grip and thrill your readers.

ROBERTA: And never give up if at first no publishing house seems to be interested in your manuscript; very few of us have been lucky enough to make it the first time.

IRIS: What genres do you write?

ROBERTA: I write adventure romance stories, set in exotic places; a love story starts developing between a mature man and a younger woman, but at the same time other things take place that put the protagonists in big danger.

IRIS: Are there any genres you read, but don’t write?

ROBERTA: Yes, I’ve always had a big foible for murder mysteries – everything from Agatha Christie to the cozy mysteries of today. I’ve read hundreds of them, but I could never develop a clever plot like that myself.

IRIS: Where can readers and writers find your books or other works?

ROBERTA:  You will find The Professor and The Bird on AMAZON and on GOODREADS. That is book one in the Nikos and Sally series.

And look for Treasures of the Deep Blue Sea, book two in the series, also on AMAZON and GOODREADS.

IRIS: Where can readers and writers find you and follow you on the Internet or social media?

ROBERTA: Well, of course, you can always find me at my WEBSITE, You will see me at book signings now and then, but I’m always available on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, GOODREADS, and AMAZON.

[IRIS: Readers, learn more about The Professor and The Bird and Treasures of the Deep Blue Sea at the links below.]

IRIS: Thank you, again, Roberta, for taking time our from your busy, creative schedule to answer our questions and allow us to know you better. We will all be looking forward to the release of book three in the adventures of Nikos and Sally, so keep us posted!


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