Defiance Rising




Defiance Rising is Book 1 in the Rising Trilogy by Amy Miles. Fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent will love this series with its dystopian city, good and evil humanoid aliens, disadvantaged human guerilla fighters who are mysteriously acquiring odd powers, and a spellbinding love triangle.

As in the days of the Twilight Saga, readers will soon be choosing sides in the battle to win the heart of 18-year-old Illyria, the heroine. Expect to be hounded on social media to become a member of Team Bastien or Team Eamon, as those two exceptional men via for her affections.

This is not a ladies-only type romance novel, however. Male readers will enjoy and appreciate the nonstop action, excitement, and suspense of the armed conflict between forest-dwelling underdogs and laser-wielding, armored aliens.

This initial book in the series can stand alone just fine. The author has not been so cruel as to leave readers hanging in such a way that they must immediately read the second novel to complete the story arc. Defiance Rising completes its own plotline in a satisfying manner, yet the settings and characters beguile the reader into searching for book two as soon as possible.

Free of explicit sexual encounters and foul language, so young readers also can enjoy Defiance Rising.


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