Iris is happy to read and review the books of other independent and traditionally published authors, so long as the work is free of offensive content (e.g., foul language, explicit sexuality, hate speech, anti-religious sentiment).

There is no charge for a fair and objective review, but a complimentary reviewer’s copy (or download) of the book is appreciated. As a “starving artist,” Iris cannot possibly purchase every book she is requested to review. If that changes, you’ll be advised forthwith and with great glee!

To request a review, contact Iris by commenting on this page.

You can also contact Iris on Facebook, on Twitter, on Goodreads, or via LinkedIn.


Get your free download of Iris’s award-winning, humorous, family-friendly novel, Schifflebein’s Folly, when you join Iris Chacon’s In-Crowd List by clicking  HERE.


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