Click HERE for FINDING MIRANDA (MINOKEE MYSTERIES BOOK ONE), in ebook or paperback, worldwide.

Can an invisible librarian and a hunky deejay (with a surprising handicap) find happiness while eluding hired killers in a Florida wilderness? Miranda and Shepard must answer the question – for better or worse – in Iris Chacon’s romantic-comedic novel.
mic in heart



Click HERE for FINDING MIRANDA (MINOKEE MYSTERIES BOOK ONE), the audiobook, in France.

Click HERE for FINDING MIRANDA (MINOKEE MYSTERIES BOOK ONE), the audiobook, in Germany.

Click HERE for DUBY’S DOCTOR in ebook, paperback, worldwide.

A spinster doctor rents her spare room to a brain-damaged patient, neither of them knowing this “John Doe” is a former undercover agent targeted for execution by a powerful criminal. She’ll teach him basic life skills, he’ll teach her how to live–not just exist, but who will teach them how to survive when John’s murderous enemies come after him?

Click HERE for DUBY’S DOCTOR, the audiobook.

A hunky carpenter plans to adopt six kids — IF he can convince authorities that he isn’t crazy. He isn’t. His teapot really IS talking to him! This is a funny way to build a family.  (Winner of 2016 PROJECTWD Award, Paranormal category, on

Click HERE for SCHIFFLEBEIN’S FOLLY in ebook or paperback, worldwide.


Click HERE for SCHIFFLEBEIN’S FOLLY on audiobook.

Sylvie is unknowingly dating a criminal, her “murdered” dad is still alive, and the cowboy-housemate she loves to hate is living a double life. What could go wrong?

Click HERE for SYLVIE’S COWBOY in ebook or paperback, worldwide.

In Civil War Key West, a Yankee spy must find and stop a Southern agent whom he fears may, in fact, be the woman he loves.

Click HERE for MUDSILLS & MOONCUSSERS, A NOVEL OF CIVIL WAR KEY WEST, in ebook or paperback, worldwide.

Click HERE for LOU’S TATTOOS, A COMEDY OF ERRORS, in ebook or paperback, worldwide.

Red Ribbon 2017
Think “Romeo & Juliet” meets “The Three Stooges.” It’s 1995, and Lourdes O’Malley, tattoo artist, idolizes a famous, reclusive photographer: Galen Randall. Ironically, the never-photographed Randall meets Lou and, smitten, pursues her. But, tattooed biker gangs nationwide resolve to protect Lou from the stranger they mistake for a hitman. Can star-crossed lovers survive dimwitted biker bumblers?  (Winner 2019 Global E-books humor award.)


Click HERE to get THE MAMMOTH MURDERS (MINOKEE MYSTERIES BOOK TWO) — the long-awaited sequel to Finding Miranda — in ebook or paperback. Click HERE to get the audio book.

Shep and Miranda find themselves in the middle of more than one kind of storm after a prehistoric Mammoth fossil is found in a Minokee sinkhole. Hint: There is more than one dead creature in that hole.

Also on Amazon and other e-tailers: The hilarious newest novella, EMERALD’S SECRET.

The sparky relationship of a couple working undercover at a posh Florida resort may get them killed before they find the secret casino they are hunting. Things get worse when the target criminal’s wife recognizes one of the cops as her policeman ex-boyfriend. Will she rat them out or keep their dangerous secret?

Working undercover is no joke … well, usually.

Click HERE to buy the ebook or paperback.

Click HERE to get EMERALD’S SECRET on audiobook.

Short Fiction from Iris Chacon

Snow, White&Yhr Seven Daves

Click HERE for SNOW, WHITE & THE SEVEN DAVES, A Comedy for Lawyers in One Act.  

This one-act play depicts the chaotic first workday of a new receptionist at the law firm of Snow, White & Sevendorff, where all the junior attorneys are named Dave.

Click HERE to get COFFEE BREAK, A One-Act Play.

Six actors portray twelve characters in this hilarious account of a quarter-hour in the employee lounge of a disfunctional firm.


Click HERE for WELCOME TO SAINT F.E.E.E.P.S., A Parochial School Comic Monologue.

Assistant Principal Mary Margaret Nordstrum serenely conducts the quarterly parents-&-teachers meeting of Saint Francis Ecumenical Evangelical Economical Parochial School while the principal and SWAT Team handle a typical Monday morning at the Preschool Building next door.

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