DUBY’S DOCTOR, A Reluctant Bodyguard, an Iris Chacon novel

Dr. Oberon does not want a man in her life. Then she rents her spare room to a brain-damaged patient, neither of them knowing he is a former undercover agent targeted for execution by a powerful criminal. She’s not just his doctor any more; she’s now mommy, teacher, and guardian. Can she keep them both alive?

DUBY’S DOCTOR is a clean, funny, romantic, mystery with plenty of action.

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John Doe remembers nothing of his life before waking up in the hospital. He doesn’t know he was a dangerous man, and he somehow has survived assassination by even more dangerous men. He doesn’t even know how to speak English, or read, or count. Even after his body heals, he will need long-term supervision and care to re-learn how to live.

Dr. Mitchell Oberon has been married to her surgical work for too long. So, she resists being attracted to a brain-damaged patient with the body of Adonis and the mind of a child.

Agent Frank Stone, of Homeland Security, forces the doctor to take John Doe into her own home while he recovers. Stone, who knows John Doe’s past history well, says it’s not safe to send him back to the place he lived before he was “killed” by his enemies.

If it ever becomes known that John survives, his foes will make sure he doesn’t live long!


2020 Book Excellence Awards Finalist, Mystery Category. https://honorees.bookexcellenceawards.com/#!/Dubys-Doctor-An-Unlikely-Bodyguard-for-a-Killer-Turned-Child-Mystery/p/178508653/category=46250245

2019 Next Generation Indie E-book Awards for E-book Fiction. One of only five finalists.

2019 Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Awards Contest, Five-star Review Silver Medal,

2016 Wattpad Crystal Awards Winner, Wattpad award for Best Multimedia Story.

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Title: Duby’s Doctor
Subtitle: A Reluctant Bodyguard
Author: Iris Chacon
Genre: Fiction – Audiobook

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite, 2019.

Duby’s Doctor: [A Reluctant Bodyguard] is a
work of mystery and crime fiction penned by author Iris Chacon,
and read in audiobook format by narrator Jenny Hoops.

In this tale of secrets and psychology, we meet Dr. Mitchell Oberon, a single
surgeon married to her job. When she is forced to take in a man
with the mind of a child during his recovery, it becomes clear that
his past was a dangerous one, but something he doesn’t remember.
As Mitchell resists any attraction to her new John Doe, the past he
once had slowly seeps through from the outside, and from within.

Author Iris Chacon has created a highly original work with plenty for
mystery fans to enjoy. The particular highlight in the work is in the
creation, and sometimes re-creation of her characters, who develop
in a very relatable way during the incredible events of the plot. This
is especially true for John, whose past and present states are
handled with humor, but also a tension that can turn on a knife
edge into a really exciting plot moment.

In terms of audiobook narration, Jenny Hoops really gives the
character development of the novel a lift with her clear and concise
speech. I particularly liked the dry quality she gives to Agent Frank
Stone, and the banter between him and Mitchell is well played out.
Overall, Duby’s Doctor: [The Reluctant Bodyguard] is a fascinating and original concept for a murder mystery in reverse which fans of the genre and quirky crime fiction are certain
to enjoy.