Book Review: STORM OF BELLS, by Robert Thier

I give 5 stars to the hilarious, romantic adventure, Storm of Bells, by Robert Thier.

Storm of Bells is book six in the popular Storm & Silence series by historian/author Robert Thier. 

The series follows Miss Lillian Linton as she crusades for women’s rights in Victorian England. Lilly narrates the stories in her inimitably cheeky manner, which reflects how indomitable, incorrigible, and unorthodox this young lady can be.

In the series, Lilly has obtained a job as private secretary to the richest man in England — who is also the coldest and stingiest employer ever. 

To do this, however, Lilly has become Mister Victor Linton, because nobody, even the wealthy Rikkard Ambrose, would ever dare hire a female secretary.

Lilly/Victor and Ambrose undertake many exciting adventures together, around the world, while Ambrose looks for a legitimate way to fire his secretary. Lilly, of course, looks for ways to keep from being fired and keep her double identity a secret.  Sparks fly between the two in these stories filled with humor, romance, and adventure, all amid great historical accuracy.

When book six, Storm of Bells, begins, Lilly and Ambrose are actually engaged to be married! (You’ll have to read the earlier books to find out how this unlikely situation occurred.)  Many factors combine to make the event chaotic and apparently impossible.

Lilly’s militant suffragette friends descend upon the aristrocratic Ambrose family estate, followed by a gaggle of jolly prostitutes Lilly has befriended back in London. In addition, a group of single men, some of whom are former suitors of Lilly’s, join the wedding party.

Worst of all, Lord Dalgliesh, the second richest man in England and the evil archenemy of Ambrose, crashes the wedding preliminaries and attempts to prevent the marriage by blackmailing Lilly. This produces open warfare between Ambrose and Dalgliesh — which must be kept secret from the rest of the wedding party.

Will this unlikely wedding ever take place? Will the granite-hearted Ambrose be changed by the experience? Will Lilly continue to live a double life as herself and as Victor Linton if she marries the boss? Will Ambrose finally succeed in firing his ungovernable secretary? 

You will want to read Storm of Bells to find the answers to these questions. Warning: Once you read book six, you will not be able to resist going back for the previous five books in this delightful series.

I received a free advance copy of this book and am publishing this honest review of my own volition and without inducement or reward.

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