Book Review: STORM & SILENCE, by Robert Thier

I purchased and reviewed this book on my own initiative, and I happily give five stars to Storm and Silence.

Imagine combining the wit and romance of the Bridgertons with the action and adventure of Indiana Jones! That’s the STORM AND SILENCE Saga from historian/author Robert Thier.

This is my review of Book One, Storm and Silence.

When Lillian Linton (19) dressed up in her uncle’s clothes and hat, her goal was to do something unthinkable for a girl in 1840s London: cast a vote.

Instead, Lilly ended up getting two different unthinkable things: (a) a job offer from a businessman she met on the street and (b) a night in jail. Or, gaol, since it was London after all.

Thus begins the Storm and Silence saga, a series of novels from author/historian Robert Thier ( known to his many fans as “Sir Rob”).  

Lilly’s new employer is a cold-as-granite chauvinist who leads a life of mystery and adventure.

The last thing he wants is a female employee, but he did offer “Mister” Linton the job.

They agree “Mister” Linton will take the job providing she is up to the tasks and she keeps her gender secret.

It will be challenging for this odd couple: the stormy young suffragette and the silent, stone-hard chauvinist.

Yes, the work will be surprising , demanding and dangerous, but the real challenge is going be forgetting that Ambrose is a man, and, though she is NOT inferior, Lilly is definitely a woman.

Sir Rob’s writing is always engaging, charming, suspenseful and humorous. He is beloved by readers around the globe, especially his loyal group of fans called the ifrits, of whom he can’t say enough good things

This portrait of Lilly and Mr. Ambrose is a contest-winning example of the marvelous fan art Sir Rob receives from his ardent Ifrits.

All ages and genders can enjoy Storm and Silence. There is no offensive language and no overt sexuality— although sparks certainly fly between heroine and hero.

Treat yourself to book 1 of the Storm and Silence saga now. Book 6, (Storm of Bells) is due for release at the end of 2021, and you’ll want to finish books 1 through 5 by then!

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