Meet IRIS CHACON:  reader, writer, laugher, singer, teacher, lover, mother, intermittent blogger.

Been there, done that, in the library, radio station, law office, schoolrooms, darkroom, rehearsal room, coffee house.

Believer in divine providence, salvation by grace, positive attitude, mind over matter, the benefits of regular exercise, coffee with caffeine, the anti-depressant effects of chocolate.

Ethnicity:  My ancestors came over on a boat, about three hundred years ago; I am part of a happy, rainbow family – everything from Irish to Chinese to Maya Indian. Diversity is the beauty of humanity and the essence of heaven.

Not against dog people or cat people, but I’m more of a bunny person or horse person.

Born, raised, and residing in Florida, with friends all over the world.

Eight novels available in paperback and ebook at numerous retailers; winners of multiple awards.

Several Iris Chacon novels are available on audio, sometimes for FREE, at Amazon and Audible.

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