Readers have been shifting from foot to foot since we left Duby and Mitchell in the middle of an attempt to rescue her from kidnappers (“Rescue, Pt. 1” last week).  Fidget no more! In today’s “Rescue, Pt. 2,” Duby fights to release Mitchell from her captivity, but not everyone in the Averell mansion will survive…

Author Interview 6/19/16

Aimeé Marie Bejarano of Paperback Attack interviewed author Iris Chacon today and will post the reports of that interview on the Paperback Attack social media pages on Father’s Day, June 19, 2016. A sneak peek of the interview follows, for Chacon followers to get a leg up on everyone else.  Happy reading. Author Interview — Iris Chacon, June…


Chapter 17, “Hostage,” has been published today on Wattpad, where you may read it free of charge.   In a hospital emergency room, Jean confronts Agent Frank Stone, the cause of Mitchell’s kidnapping: “You said you sent them an invitation. You knew they would come, because they wanted me. I was the bait for your trap,…

Magical Book Trailer

Go now! Do not pass “GO,” do not collect $200, simply go now to my YouTube page and watch the new 60-second trailer for SCHIFFLEBEIN’S FOLLY. You’ll be so glad you did. Paperback and ebook versions are available at Amazon.com.  

The 90-Second Novel

How do you condense a novel into 90 seconds?  Same way you compress a two-hour movie into five minutes: You make a trailer.   Enjoy this 90-second summary of SYLVIE’S COWBOY, posted today on YouTube. Download a free sample, an ebook version, or the paperback, if you like, from Amazon.com.

A Kidnapping in Coconut Grove

In today’s installment of DUBY’S DOCTOR on Wattpad, deadly enemies stalk the unsuspecting Jean and Mitchell at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. The question becomes:  exactly for whom will this encounter prove to be fatal? Get your own paperback copy of the novel at Amazon.com, or download the entire novel (and name your own price) at Smashwords.