Chapter 17, “Hostage,” has been published today on Wattpad, where you may read it free of charge.  kidnapped

In a hospital emergency room, Jean confronts Agent Frank Stone, the cause of Mitchell’s kidnapping:

“You said you sent them an invitation. You knew they would come, because they wanted me. I was the bait for your trap, but your trap did not work, Frank Stone. They did not take me, the bait. They took Michel. And now, Michel is the bait.” Jean’s lip curled in disgust. “Michel was wrong; even if you are a sort of policeman, you are not a good man. You are no better than this man, Averell. You will use Michel, you will use me, you will use the daughter of Averell, you will use anyone to get what you want.”

“Fine. Then, when you’ve finished with Averell, you can come after me.”

Duby CS coverMerci. I will. I promise you.”

Don’t miss DUBY’S DOCTOR!  Read for free on Wattpad, or get your own copy (paperback or ebook) on Amazon.


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