In this chapter of DUBY’S DOCTOR, posted for free reading today on Wattpad, Jean seems to remember someone from the past for the first time since his nakDubyPprbkCvred body was pulled out of the ocean weeks before.  This should be good news, right?  Maybe not.  It seems that Agent Frank Stone of Homeland Security will take an action designed to provoke a dangerous confrontation between Jean and a forgotten enemy.

What did Jean remember?  What did Stone do as a result, and why did he do it?  Click over to Wattpad and read this new chapter.  Or click over to the Iris Chacon page at Smashwords, where you can download the entire novel — and name your own price!

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If you’re reading DUBY’S DOCTOR for free on Wattpad (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll want to click on over right now to check out Chapter 10: KavaDubyPprbkCvrnaugh, posted today.

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REVIEW OF:    LORD BROOKTON, The Four Lords’ Saga – Book 4,

a Historical Romance Novella by Gianna Thomas

 Lovers of Regency romance will find all the requisite attributes of the genre in Gianna Lord Brookton cvrThomas’ fourth book of The Four Lords’ Saga. Handsome bachelors, disinclined toward marriage; single young ladies who are never what they seem at first glance; London society and lavish Country house parties; repartee and reluctant romancers.

The saga began with Lord Windmere, followed by Lord Weirlane in book two, and Lord Foxdown in book three. Also available is the title Matt and Janie, described as “a backstory to Lord Windmere.” The premise is a wager among four bachelor friends, that results in a competition of sorts regarding which of the four will enter into matrimony in the coming year.

In this fourth book of the saga, Jules Lagrant, Lord Brookton, has seen two of his three best friends either engaged or married off, and he is “bored stiff” without his usual complement of bachelors for companionable entertainments. In the beginning, Jules and his one remaining single buddy, Lord Foxdown, are trying to amuse themselves by wagering on a horse race — and the winning rider turns out to be a very unusual and unexpected young lady.

To say more would spoil the story’s many surprises for readers, but a happy ending may be relied upon, although the circumstances might not have been predicted.

This is a quick and pleasant read, with polite vocabulary and, while there is love and romance aplenty, no “mature” sexually explicit encounters. A few technical errors were noted in passing, but those are few in number and will not spoil the fun for Regency romance readers.

Reviewed by Iris Chacon, April 6, 2016.

 Disclosure: The writer received a free digital copy of the novel in exchange for an objective, honest review.



DUBY’S DOCTOR: Ch.9-Animals

Duby has settled into a routine, but today is not routine:  he faces a sudden death at St. DubyPprbkCvrLuke’s Daycare.  Meanwhile, Carinne witnesses a brutal killing in her own back yard. Chapter 9 (“Animals”) of DUBY’S DOCTOR is posted to read free online today at Wattpad.

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