Bye bye, Bunny.

Iris Chacon’s family comedy, SCHIFFLEBEIN’S FOLLY, is sporting a new cover these days.
schifflebeinPprbkCvrThe original cover, an adorable bunny from artist and designer Tris Walker, has been retired for the time being, after doing its job well for the first two years of the novel’s existence.

The new cover features the startled face of Lloyd Schifflebein, whose teapot makes sarcastic comments at all the wrong times. It’s like having Don Rickles doing his act in your kitchen.

Artist Fiona Jayde of Fiona Jayde Media designed the new cover.  Ms. Jayde also designed the original covers for two other Iris Chacon novels, Finding Miranda and Sylvie’s Cowboy.Schifflebein'sFollyFinal-FJM_ARE_200x300

The change in cover design was prompted by comments by several UK publishing industry veterans who reviewed the novel as part of the 2015 Wishing Shelf Book Awards. The novel scored 9 out of 10 possible points in categories of content, style, and mechanics, but every reviewer said they disliked the cover or felt it did not fit the story.

Time will tell whether the facelift will lure more readers to check out SCHIFFLEBEIN’S FOLLY for free on or purchase their own paperback or ebook version of the novel.


Dear Mr. Publisher,

Dear Mr. Publisher,greedy-businessman


Please don’t publish my book.


You must have thought a ripe one had fallen into your lucky lap when I responded to your first email. You were so clever in structuring it that I never dreamt you weren’t actually writing to me. And when you asked to see my manuscript, I never dreamt you had no idea what my manuscript was, who I was, or whether there was any merit at all in myself or my work.


You must have congratulated yourself on your superior cunning and ability to exploit my trusting nature and naive mind when, during our first phone call, I still didn’t seem to realize that you were playing a game familiar to you but unknown to me. Thinking that you and I were colleagues in the publishing world, and knowing that I was being truthful, it never even occurred to me that you might be lying — by omission or suggestion, if not explicitly.


You must have rubbed your palms together when we ended the call and I still had not caught on to your scam. You imagined me waiting for you to, supposedly, have your editorial and managerial staff evaluate my work for its quality and potential.


I’m not waiting.


You see, having reflected on what was said in your emails and phone call, and having now seen the same emails directed to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential marks, I now understand that no one is evaluating my work or my talent, my craftsmanship or my knowledge, my professionalism or my alacrity. If, indeed, you and your alleged staff have evaluated anything, it would have been my credit rating. You want to be certain I can pay you the thousands of dollars you wish me to “commit” to your publication of my work.


You’re obviously a professional. A professional what, I can’t say. But because you didn’t bother to look at my book, or my bio, or any one of my many author pages online, or my website, you failed to recognize that I, too, am a professional. I have been writing professionally for many years. I was first paid for writing when I was 13 years old. And since that time, I have never paid anyone for my work. Other people pay me for my work.


And so, Mr. Publisher, I would no more allow you to publish my book than I would let you adopt my child. You don’t know, or care to know, its merits and its problems, or how it was created and nurtured, or whether it has siblings. You’ve never even really looked at it. No loving mother would even think of giving you her child under those conditions, and no self-respecting author would think of giving you her book — or her money.


As baby boomers age into retirement, and many of them sit down to write that book they’ve been thinking about for decades, publishers like you will find plenty of amateur writers desperate for publication even if it costs them thousands of dollars. They may not even realize how they are being manipulated and humiliated.


My advice to you is that in the future you do your research, and concentrate on the desperate amateurs who will be receptive to your scheme. Leave the professionals alone, please, to continue their work.


Thank you for being cordial, if not precisely respectful.


Very truly not yours at all,


Author Iris Chacon

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Who Is This French-speaking Lady?

mandy stone

And what does she want with Jean Deaux?   Find out in Chapter 19-B, “Substitution,” the latest chapter of DUBY’S DOCTOR posted today on WATTPAD.

And, by the way, what is Jean doing with Nurse Erskine’s copy of The Pirate’s FlamingHeart? Pirates Flaming Hart cvr

Read DUBY’S DOCTOR (and four other Iris Chacon novels) for free on Wattpad, or get your own copy in paperback or ebook on AMAZON.

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Wattpad logoThe Fiction Awards 2016 – Nominations Are Open

CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE or to see the complete rules, which are summarized below.

If you have read any Iris Chacon books on WATTPAD, and if you derived any small measure of joy from reading them, won’t you please consider nominating one or more of them for the Fiction Awards 2016?

Iris Chacon novels may be nominated in these Categories:

DubyPprbkCvr     FindingMiranda-FJM_Low_Res_500x750-2    Sylvie'sPprCvr

DUBY’S DOCTOR or FINDING MIRANDA or SYLVIE’S COWBOY – (choose one) Mystery/Thriller Category

MUDSILLS & MOONCUSSERS – Historical Fiction

Mudsills ppk cvr      schifflebeinPprbkCvr




Any one of the five may be nominated in each of these Categories:

Best Plot

Best of the Undiscovered (less than 100K reads) (My best is <30K)

Best of the Little (writers with less than 1K followers)(I have 694)

Best Overall Story

Best Overall Account on Wattpad (state username [@IrisChacon2] only)


THIS LINK WILL WORK FOR ANY BOOKS YOU WISH TO NOMINATE, even if they’re not my books. All the categories are described on the page where the link will take you.


Basic Rules  (join if you haven’t already; it’s totally free)  :

  1. Use the app (desktop or laptop computer won’t work for this one).
  2. Nominate by adding a Comment in the Category of the book. (Be sure to use the correct category.)
  3. Comment: book title, @author name
  4. Nominate any book only once in its category, and nominate only one book per Category.


Nominations will close on July 29, 2016.


Thank you for your nominations, some of you have already done so and it is greatly appreciated. I’ll leave you now so that I can nominate some of my favorites (NOT written by me) in as many categories as I can.


Happy reading, and happy nominating,


Iris Chacon

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In chapter 18 of DUBY’S DOCTOR, posted last week for free reading on WATTPAD, Jean risked life and limb, literally, to rescue Mitchell Oberon from kidnappers.GirlWalkingAlone  And he succeeded. So where is she now? Nobody seems to know!  This is all wrong. What’s going on here?

Find out in chapter 19A, “Substitution,” of the novel by Iris Chacon, available to read for free now on WATTPAD, or get your copy from AMAZON.



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