Wattpad logoThe Fiction Awards 2016 – Nominations Are Open

CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE or to see the complete rules, which are summarized below.

If you have read any Iris Chacon books on WATTPAD, and if you derived any small measure of joy from reading them, won’t you please consider nominating one or more of them for the Fiction Awards 2016?

Iris Chacon novels may be nominated in these Categories:

DubyPprbkCvr     FindingMiranda-FJM_Low_Res_500x750-2    Sylvie'sPprCvr

DUBY’S DOCTOR or FINDING MIRANDA or SYLVIE’S COWBOY – (choose one) Mystery/Thriller Category

MUDSILLS & MOONCUSSERS – Historical Fiction

Mudsills ppk cvr      schifflebeinPprbkCvr




Any one of the five may be nominated in each of these Categories:

Best Plot

Best of the Undiscovered (less than 100K reads) (My best is <30K)

Best of the Little (writers with less than 1K followers)(I have 694)

Best Overall Story

Best Overall Account on Wattpad (state username [@IrisChacon2] only)


THIS LINK WILL WORK FOR ANY BOOKS YOU WISH TO NOMINATE, even if they’re not my books. All the categories are described on the page where the link will take you.


Basic Rules  (join Wattpad.com if you haven’t already; it’s totally free)  :

  1. Use the app (desktop or laptop computer won’t work for this one).
  2. Nominate by adding a Comment in the Category of the book. (Be sure to use the correct category.)
  3. Comment: book title, @author name
  4. Nominate any book only once in its category, and nominate only one book per Category.


Nominations will close on July 29, 2016.


Thank you for your nominations, some of you have already done so and it is greatly appreciated. I’ll leave you now so that I can nominate some of my favorites (NOT written by me) in as many categories as I can.


Happy reading, and happy nominating,


Iris Chacon



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