Interview: Author Robert Thier

Last month this blog featured a five-star review [ in a new tab)] of Storm & Silence, the first book in an award-winning series by the amazing author, Robert Thier.

In this interview, you will learn and appreciate more details about the life and work of this popular author, whom adoring fans call, “Sir Rob.”

IRIS: Tell us, Sir Rob, what inspires you to write?

SIR ROB: To be honest, I would need to be inspired not to write. I can’t explain why, but writing is simply something I’ve always been driven to do. Ideas keep popping up in my head and I have to put them down on paper. The easiest way to drive me crazy would probably be to take away my pen, paper and keyboard.

IRIS: Tell us about your writing process.

SIR ROB: My writing process consists of three basic steps: research, planning, and writing. Depending on which genres the book I am working on belongs to, a different amount of emphasis is placed on the various steps.

Historical novels, like my Storm and Silence series for example, require a lot more in-depth research than pure fantasy, for which you do not need to know the exact wording of 19th century wedding vows or the military structure of the Royal Navy in 1844.

Mystery novels like my murder mystery Well Dead on the other hand require a lot more planning because the various characters often have detailed plots and intrigues that must be revealed step by step throughout the story.

As for what tools or software I use during my research and planning phase, I rely entirely on the mighty paper and pen as well as my gray matter. Only for writing do I resort to the modern monstrosity that is the computer.

IRIS: How did you decide how to publish your work? What influenced you to publish with a publisher or self-publish your book? What would you advise new authors to explore?

SIR ROB: My decision as to how to publish my work was made for me by a small mountain of publishers’ rejection letters. This left self-publishing my books as my only option.

My advice to new writers would be: in my personal experience, unless you have connections or are incredibly lucky, it is pretty much impossible to get accepted by a publisher. So, if you want your work out there, I would recommend self-publishing, plus a lot of work put into social media to get the word out.

IRIS: What genres do you write? Are there any genres you read, but don’t write?

SIR ROB: I’ve always been fascinated by history and legends to such a degree that, to the horror of my school class mates, I would always sit in the front row and actually listen to the teacher in history class. This led to my wanting to portray history in such a fashion that everyone would find it as interesting as I do and set me on the path of a historical fiction writer.

Besides that I have branched out into fantasy, fairy tales and murder mysteries.

As for reading, I read pretty much any genre except serious horror stories. I have never quite understood why people would want to be eaten alive by zombies.

IRIS: Are there favorite books or authors that you recommend to readers – whether they’re your work or someone else’s?

SIR ROB: Too many to count! But among all the hundreds of books I’ve read, there are a few books that I have reread and repeatedly enjoyed so many times that I think they are worth sharing.

First of all, there are classics such as Pride and PrejudiceThe Count of Monte Christo or The Three Musketeers. Their writing style may be slightly antiquated, but there just is something authentic about reading books that were written before any of us were even alive.

Terry Pratchett and Roald Dahl sparked my love for the fantastical, and for a certain brand of dry humor that, by now, has become a firm part of my writing style—I hope 😉 By the way, The Twits by Roald Dahl is my #1 suggestion for any frustrated spouse to share with their wife / husband.

If you are looking for ways to conveniently kill off somebo…ehem, I mean if you like murder mysteries, you might want to try Agatha Christie or Dorothy L Sayers. The ABC Murders and Whose Body specifically make a good read.

From my childhood, I can recommend my most favorite kid’s book ever: The Hermit and the Bear, by John Yeoaman, which my mother used to read me when I was sick. I was such a great fan that I had the funny illustrations copied at the local copy shop and hung them up as posters in my room.

And last, but most certainly not least, I wouldn’t be a very good author if I didn’t think my own books were worth recommending 😉

Depending on your tastes, you might want to look into:

Storm and Silence – A young woman fighting for her rights in a world ruled by men – versus a cold-hearted billionaire…


The Robber Knight – The lady of the castle saved by the valiant knight who steals from the rich to give to himself.


WARNING: Fairy Tales – Join the fishy little mermaid on her adventures, and find out what happens if the wicked witch opens a children’s restaurant.


IRIS: Where can readers and writers find you and your work on the Internet or social media?

SIR ROB: On social media, find me on Twitter:

You can find and buy my books online at:

Amazon (ebooks and paperback):

Apple books (ebooks):

Barnes & Noble (ebooks):

Smashwords (ebooks):

Kobo (ebooks):

NOTE: Kobo displays one book that isn’t written by me. Likely because the authors have similar names to mine

Thanks so very much, Robert Thier, for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to share details of your life and your books with us. My readers and I will be eagerly watching for the upcoming release of STORM OF BELLS, Book 6 in the Storm & Silence Series.

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