Become a Minokee Citizen

You can be an honorary citizen of Minokee, Florida, with a downloadable certificate of citizenship personalized exclusively for you.

Here is a sample of a completed certificate.

To receive your personal certificate and become an honorary citizen of Minokee, complete the information below. Then copy and paste the block of text into an email and send it to

Email to:  

Dear Iris,
     I hereby solemnly affirm to the Mayor and Community Clerk of Minokee, Florida, that I have read or heard both of the Minokee Mysteries novels by Iris Chacon:  Finding Miranda, Minokee Mysteries Book One, and The Mammoth Murders, Minokee Mysteries Book Two.
     Please send my personal Certificate of Citizenship to me at this e-mail address: _________________________________________________.
     Please show my name on the certificate as [name exactly as it should appear on your certificate] :
I understand that I need not read or hear the books in any particular order, so long as I have read both of them, even if it has been a long time since I read one.

Please be patient with me because I will be preparing your certificate myself, with my own little hands, and I will no doubt be interrupted in ways we can only imagine!

Thank you for joining the happy community of Minokee. It is lovely to have you!

Iris Chacon