EMERALD’S SECRET On Audio – With Samples

The year 2021 saw the release, in ebook and paperback, of my latest novel, Emerald’s Secret (subtitled “Working undercover is no joke. Usually.”).

Now, a new version has arrived: Emerald’s Secret the audiobook.

I didn’t make a big production of premiering the ebook and paperback, for which I blame the Corona virus — even though, thank God, I haven’t actually contracted the disease. I may have been feeling isolated and demoralized most of 2021, and the year before. Anybody relate?

Whatever the cause, I’ve said little about Emerald’s Secret, and I wish to correct that here.  It’s the story of a male chauvinist pig (well, piglet at least), Greg Hallstead, a policeman who is old fashioned and overprotective toward women.

Female cops who have partnered Greg say he makes it difficult for them to do their job, because he wants to step in and do everything himself. This is not because the ladies are incompetent — they are far from it — but because Greg is uber macho to the point of being extremely annoying.

Here’s a half-minute of Greg and his current, long-suffering female partner. The excellent narration is by Canadian voice artist Jenny Hoops.

Greg’s machismo takes a near-death blow when he loses the Best All Around Cowboy buckle at the police rodeo. Greg has won the buckle three times in a row at the annual charity event, but this year the unthinkable has happened. Greg Hallstead was defeated — by a female!

Imagine Greg’s consternation when his next undercover assignment finds him paired with Terry McCaskill, the very female who “stole” his championship buckle.  Worse yet, he-man Greg will be playing Terry’s gay brother during the assignment. 

Everyone else on the team is terribly miscast as well. Here is a half-minute from the pre-mission briefing conducted by an Irish police captain, who also happens to be Terry’s doting uncle.

The team of four undercover cops is in more danger than they realize. The wife of their gangster target is a former girlfriend of officer Greg Hallstead. Will Emerald Ciano, mobster wife, rat out Greg as a cop and thus get all four team members killed?

Here’s a half-minute wherein Emerald reveals her secret to officer Terry McCaskill.

While the team probably should have left the resort, of course they lingered.  What will happen to the four of them if, or when, the gangsters realize they are cops? They wouldn’t be the first undercover cops to visit the Emerald C’s Resort and never come back.

This audiobook is relatively short; you can hear it all in little more than four hours. Expect some suspense, mystery, and potential romance, along with a lot of smiles along the way. 

Get the audiobook, Emerald’s Secret, at Audible/Amazon. You can enjoy a good book while your hands are busy cooking, cleaning, driving, or maybe putting away holiday decorations.

Happy reading, dear friends! Happy listening, as well and, of course, Happy New Year. I hope 2022 brings good news of all kinds for you and yours.

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