A Mammoth Word Search Puzzle

Last month’s Emerald’s Secret puzzle was so much fun, I’ve created a new puzzle for November.

This month’s puzzle uses words related to my newest novel on audiobook, The Mammoth Murders (Minokee Mysteries, Book Two), read by Jenny Hoops. The answers are below, but no peeking!

How was it? Too easy? Too hard? How do you feel about a crossword puzzle next month?

Both Minokee Mysteries novels are now available on audiobook.

I’ll be back next month with a new, custom-made puzzle just for you (or your kids).

Members of my In-Crowd receive puzzles in advance of general publication. Join the In-Crowd by clicking HERE.

New members receive a free ebook download of my award-winning family-building comedy, Schifflebein’s Folly.

Until next time, Happy Puzzling &


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