Duby’s Doctor Launched

Duby’s Doctor, the long-awaited fifth Iris Chacon novel, debuted in paperback and ebook versions on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.  This adventure-mystery will please Chacon fans with its characteristic mix of pathos, humor, action and romance.

In this story, a spinster surgeon is coerced into housing a recovering brain-damaged man. Doctor Mitchell Oberon resists the attraction she feels for this John Doe, who is younger than she.  Neither she nor John knows that before injury wiped his brain clean, he was an undercover agent who had (and still has) some very dangerous enemies.

Perhaps Mitchell and John could someday have a romantic relationship — but only if they manage to survive another agent’s betraying them into the hands of murderers.

For the budget-conscious reader, Smashwords.com offers a set-your-own-price option for the e-book version.  Duby’s Doctor is available from all your favorite online booksellers, as well.  The paperback version is available from Amazon.com and may be obtained from other booksellers simply by asking them to order the book with ISBN-13: 978-1530472307.

Duby’s Doctor is also being serialized on Wattpad.com, with a new chapter posted every Tuesday and Thursday.  Read for free and trade comments with the author on the Wattpad site.


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