No Safe Secret

Review of NO SAFE SECRET by Fern Michaels   (4 OUT OF 5 Stars ON GOODREADS)

No Safe Secret

Fern Michaels once again demonstrates her mastery of the chick novel with No Safe Secret (2016, Kensington Books). The story spans more than two decades – linking the secrets of young Maddy Carmichael, 1964 rape victim, with the hidden life of suburban homemaker Molly Tanner, abused spouse, twenty years later.

While keeping the action moving from one mystery to the next and back again, author Michaels also keeps the reader involved and engaged in the internal dialogue of the protagonist, who must come to terms with her own willingness to allow others to mistreat her.

This is a fluid, easy read, crafted with Michaels’ typical skill and finesse. Readers will connect with, and root for, the heroine and her alter ego on the journey from victim to victorious.




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