Book Review: Point of Transmission, by Max Lockwood


Review of Point of Transmission (A Post-Apocalyptic Epidemic Survival – The Morgan Strain Series Book 1), by Max Lockwood
Rated **** four stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon.
A complimentary ARC was provided to this reviewer for an honest, unbiased review.


Imagine the world is collapsing, people dying everywhere you look, and you are being blamed for all of it. That’s the dilemma for Elaina Morgan, a brilliant young scientist. Without her knowledge, someone has stolen a virus she created, mutated it clumsily, and accidentally released it upon the population.


Now Elaina must not only survive the apocalypse, she must find the origin of the plague and develop a cure — all while avoiding the police and the military who want to arrest her. Soon she will be on the run with two unlikely allies from the streb1sl0qcczrs-_sy200_ets, and together they will try to save themselves and the world.


Max Lockwood has written a real page turner, a can’t-sleep-till-I-finish novel that ticks all the emotional and science-fiction boxes for dystopia lovers.



Our heroine makes some progress, but all is not resolved in this book, the first of a series. No, expect a cliffhanger that leaves you eagerly anticipating book two.


This book contains little to no profane language, and the characters are so busy surviving that nobody has any time for raunchy, explicit sex (Yay!), so the novel is appropriate for all readers of any age.


Point of Transmission is available at AMAZON.





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