BOOK REVIEW: Point of Proximity, A Post-Apocalyptic Epidemic Survival – The Morgan Strain Series Book 2, by Max Lockwood.

****Rated four stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon. A complimentary ARC was provided to this reviewer for an honest, unbiased review.


This story begins within hours of the ending of book one of The Morgan Strain Series, which was called Point of Transmission. Don’t worry if you missed book one, because author Max Lockwood fills you in as the story progresses, so that you can enjoy Point of Proximity on its own.


An evil, only semi-competent, scientist has unleashed a fatal viral epidemic upon the world, and in his jealousy has laid the blame on brilliant, young Elaina Morgan. Having barely survived attempts on her life in book one, Elaina and her three friends are on the run from authorities and from the virus, while she seeks a cure.

Adventure and suspense abound as Elaina and her friends must elude the military, the police, other scientists and medical professionals, and angry, vengeful citizens who believe her guilty of ending their world. At the same time, our heroes face the extreme danger of coming into contact with the killer virus or the murderous victims of the virus.


There’s plenty of dystopian action and originality, without bad language or offensive sexual passages. I recommend Point of Proximity to science fiction readers of all ages.


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