Review: “Dark Horse,” by B. J. Daniels

BOOK REVIEW: Dark Horse (Whitehorse, Montana: The McGraw Kidnapping #1), by B. J. Daniels

Rated five ***** stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon.

Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.



Nikki St. James is a “true crime” writer, who has frequently solved the cold cases about which she writes. Her current work in progress has a personal angle: This time the accused criminal is her own father, who died before he could prove his innocence.


Nikki arrives in the small Montana town called Whitehorse and takes up residence on the McGraw ranch, from whence twin infants were kidnapped 25 years earlier. There, she begins questioning family members and digging up information with which to write her book and, hopefully, prove her late father was no kidnapper.


Although Nikki has had experience with hostile witnesses and obstructive persons in the past, she is not prepared for the danger stalking her on the McGraw ranch, and she is certainly not prepared for dealing with handsome Cull McGraw. Cull was only seven when the babies disappeared, and at thirty-two he is a man determined to protect his family from anything — including a nosy writer.


Author B.J. Daniels crafts a steadily moving, interest-holding, mystery-filled narrative with satisfying elements of action and romance. Readers of contemporary Western fiction will especially love this novel. I’m looking forward to future books in this series.


Recommended to readers of any age; contains no offensive material.

Dark Horse (Whitehorse, Montana: The McGraw Kidnapping #1), by B. J. Daniels, is available on Amazon.


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