Book Review: Death on the Range

Review of Death on the Range, Target Practice Mysteries One, by Nikki Haverstock.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.


After a painful divorce, Diane relocates to rural Montana to take a job at an archery training and practice center, finally making use of her long-abandoned college passion. Diane makes friends quickly, especially with Moo, the big lovable resident dog who adopts her, but not everyone at the center is friendly. Soon Diane and someone she hopes is trustworthy are united in ferreting out a center resident who has murdered a competitive archer.




If you love dogs and mysteries, with a little of romantic interest, you’ll enjoy Death on the Range. It’s not a cowboy story; the “range” in this case is the target-shooting range, not the cattle-grazing range. The details of archery technique and competition protocols are fascinating, and will please bow enthusiasts and novices alike. Likable characters and ingenuous humor also add to the reader’s enjoyment of this novel.


I dropped this book one star because, sadly, I cannot recommend it to all ages, due to one instance of a graphically described sexual escapade by a supporting character. It’s a shame, too, because otherwise the book is virtually free of gutter language or any other offensive content.


As of today’s writing, Death on the Range is free in Kindle Books.

It is also available and reasonably priced in paperback. Additional books in the Target Practice Mysteries series are on sale as well. Visit Nikki Haverstock’s Author Page on Amazon for further details.


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