Review: One Night in the Chupacabras Ranch

One Night in the Chupacabras Ranch, Paranormal Lockdown Romance, Ghost Hunters After Dark series, Book 3, a novella by Ani Gonzalez.

Rated ★★★★★ five stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon.

A complimentary copy was provided to this reviewer for an honest, unbiased review.


This charming novella by Ani Gonzalez contains everything we’ve come to expect from her lighthearted, unhorrible, paranormal romances: delightful characters, quirks abounding, non-monstrous monstrosities, and an eventual happily ever after.


Former rodeo queen, Kate Monroe, takes over her sister’s ranch-management job while recovering from a career-ending injury. Naturally, her sister’s wealthy, city-boy rancher is handsome, remarkable, and unattached, but neither Kate nor the rancher are interested in a romance.


The fun begins when that oft-mentioned group for the study of paranormal phenomena, PRoVE (Paranormal Research of Virginia), comes to the ranch to film a Christmas special about the chupacabras rumored to exist on the ranch property. The PRoVE nerds appear in several Ani Gonzalez books, and they’re always good for a little fun.


619v0bar5rl-_ux250_What would Christmas be without a house full of weird strangers trying to take pictures of (hopefully) mythical monsters? What a challenging environment in which to fall in love! Readers, especially fans of Ani Gonzalez, will lap this book up like ice cream and be sorry when it ends too soon. This G-rated novella contains no offensive material.  (Click HERE to visit the Ani Gonzalez Author Page on Goodreads.)



One Night in the Chupacabras Ranch is book three in the author’s Ghost Hunters AfterDark series. Iris Chacon’s review of Must Love Ghosts, part of the Banshee Creek series, was published in August 2016 at




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