Audiobook Review: The White Russian Caper

Audiobook Review:  The White Russian Caper, A Damien Dickens Mystery, by Phyllis Entis

Audiobook narrated by Tom Lennon


★★★★ Four stars from reviewer Iris Chacon. The reviewer received a complimentary download of the audiobook in exchange for an honest, objective review.WhiteRussianCaperCvr


Fans of the Damien Dickens mysteries will enjoy the new, more openly affectionate relationship between Damien and Millie Dickens. When The White Russian Caper (book two of the series) begins, Damien and Millie are newlyweds, still working together in their private investigations agency. This story contains many surprises, including the abduction of Damien at one point, at which time Millie takes over sleuthing and dealing with dangerous criminals. She has always been a resourceful woman, and she comes into her own in this novel as a full-fledged PI.


The book was fun and contained enough suspense and clever crime-solving to keep me turning pages at a steady pace. The main characters are as winsome, the locales as detailed, the technicalities as well researched as we have come to expect from a Damien Dickens Mystery. Put all that together with a total absence of offensive material, and you have a mystery recommended for all audiences.


I dropped one star for the narrator’s mispronunciation of several words, indicating he had not done his homework. I found voice characterizations inconsistent, making it difficult to identify what character was speaking, at times.


The White Russian Caper audiobook is available on Amazon.


Iris Chacon is addicted to coffee, mysteries, and audiobooks. Her latest novel, Duby’s Doctor, is available in ebook and paperback.


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