Book Review: The Silver Star Caper

I gave five out of five stars to: The Silver Star Caper, A Damien Dickens Mystery, by Phyllis Entis.

This is my honest and voluntary review of the novel released September 1, 2021. I obtained an Advance Review Copy from the publisher.

Gripping suspense, gut-punching detective drama, and an eye-watering love story comprise book six of the series.

I would tell you to read all the Damien Dickens mysteries in sequence, starting at book one, but I don’t want you to wait to enjoy the newest and best of the bunch: book six, The Silver Star Caper.

Author Phyllis Entis accomplishes the difficult task of putting the reader into the mind and philosophy of anti-semitic, xenophobic, white-supremacist criminals when Damien Dickens leaves his wife in order to join just such a group.

Millie Dickens is left to cope with life (and PI work) on her own as Dick becomes a Harley-riding skinhead willing to fire bomb innocent people in the name of evil masquerading as “patriotism.”

Lives are threatened — and some are lost — while the reader hopes against hope that Millie and Dick will somehow survive the horrors and danger of the situation and somehow return to the unbreakable marital partnership that has inspired the couple’s friends and acquaintances for years.

Every Damien Dickens mystery hits harder than the one before — on the adrenal glands, brain cells and heart strings. The author’s seamless prose draws the reader into the story and propels him/her through trials and dangers to the much-anticipated but unexpected outcome.

I’m giving five stars to The Silver Star Caper, A Damien Dickens Mystery, by Phyllis Entis. I recommend you read this latest in the series immediately, and then go back to book one and happily read them all.

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