Review of Spring Valley

Review of Spring Valley, A Firefly Hollow novella, by T. L. Haddix

This is a sweet small-town romance meant 51yEo-QCv7L._SY346_for quiet enjoyment and warm fuzzy feelings.

Fans of the Firefly Hollow books will settle right in and feel nicely at home with the ambiance, culture, and characters of this T.L. Haddix novella. Haddix knows how to capture our hearts right away and then keep us reading despite the laundry piling up or the dinner being late.
This story of a humble young veterinarian and his shy courtship of a local judge’s daughter does not rely on manic twists and turns of plot to keep us interested. Instead, the story is linear and spare; two people still unsure of a new relationship must deal with life-threatening adversity in order to discover themselves and their destiny. We just like the people so much that we keep devouring the pages, hoping everything will come right in the end. (Not everything does, but no spoiler here. You’ll want to read it and see.)
Fans of Debbie Macomber will enjoy the warm tone and sedate pace of the story. There is no explicit erotica and almost no profane language. There is just a sweet story, told in a winning way, by a master writer.


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