Make Your Writing Dreams Come True

Treat yourself today by taking a minute to read “Big Dreams Begin with Tiny Goals,” six short, powerful steps on how to set your goals and make your dreams come true, by Elle Lee Love, from her blog on Wattpad.

I’ve been meaning to share this nugget of practical wisdom with you for a long time, and with New Year’s resolutions looming in our immediate future, this seems like a good time to share.

Big Dreams Begin with Tiny Goals

Find out the six simple steps to making your writing dreams come true in this short article by Elle Lee Rose:

Elle credits best-selling author Jeff Goins for giving her some of his excellent ideas via his blog,

A little bit about the lovely Ms. Love: 

Elle’s motto is “Live well, Laugh often, and LOVE always!”

One of Ms. Love’s favorite quotes is, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Elle Lee Love (also known as “3L) describes herself as a believer, a dreamer, and a writer. She says, “I believe that someday my dream of becoming a published writer will come true! I’m also a hopeful romantic who believes in the power of LOVE. After all, God is LOVE!” 

Elle enjoys reading and writing clean teen fiction “with a little bit of revenge and lots of sweet romance.”  

If you have teenagers in your family, you’ll want to turn them on to Elle Lee Love’s novels, and Forever Remember: The Rose Code is a great place to start. Read it free on Wattpad:

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One thought on “Make Your Writing Dreams Come True

  1. Hi Iris,
    Thanks for sharing my blog post and the shout out for my story Forever Remember!
    Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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