Review:   WILLING TARGET, by Kathleen Mix

Rated 3 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.


I do not disparage the author’s skill or competence in the least, but this was simply one of those novels that I had to force myself to finish. I kept putting it down out of boredom or disinterest with the characters and the plot. Perhaps my expectations of the genre are wrong, but this seemed too slow to be a suspense novel, the characters too dull for an espionage novel, and the explicit sex too prevalent for a “romance” novel. Is “romance” the new literary code for “soft core porn”? This book may be just the thing many readers are looking for, and I wish them happy reading. It just didn’t work for me.


I would be willing to try another novel by Kathleen Mix someday, in hope that my own life situation or incorrect expectations were the cause of my ennui.


The writer received an ARC in exchange for an honest and objective review.


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