Book Review: FORBIDDEN COLOURS, a Romantic Medical Thriller, by Nicole Fitton.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.

The reviewer received a free download in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


Midori’s new job, happy love life, and nearly perfect existence suddenly become a morass of deception, crime, and death stretching all the way to her mother’s youth in Japan. When Midori’s brother is endangered, and her lover is kidnapped, this young Japanese-English woman, all alone, must find and face a psychopathic killer before time runs out.


The characters are presented in such engaging ways that the reader invests a great deal of empathy in these people and feels a driving sense of urgency to find out whether the characters will survive their deadly enemies — both human and chemical.

Author Nicole Fitton has lived in the locales and NicoleFittonhas worked in the healthcare industry, lending authenticity to her descriptions and characters. Nicole’s lifelong fascination with science has provided her with excellent research skills, which benefit her readers by creating medical and pharmacological scenarios as real as the day’s news headlines.

If you enjoy medical drama with mystery and romance, this is for you. The story is well-paced and the prose is lovely. There are adult themes and some instances of foul language, so sub-adult readers should be discouraged.


Learn more about Nicole Fitton at Nicole’s website or on her Amazon Author Page.




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Interview: NICOLE FITTON, a member of Mystery Authors International

This month I had the great pleasure of talking with Nicole Fitton, the third author from Mystery Authors International to be featured on this webpage. Here is that interview.


IC: Nicole, sinceNicoleFitton your group is labeled “international,” tell us exactly where you come from.

NF: Well, at present my family and I reside in Devon, but I have lived in glamour spots like New York, London, and Croydon.

IC: So, the UK is your stomping grounds. I understand, when you’re not writing, you work in the healthcare industry, but that’s not your lifelong career. What did you do before switching to healthcare?

NF: I spent about 30 years in public relations and marketing in the music industry.

IC: So, you’ve spent your life in creative and artistic pursuits. That’s great. What are your passions beyond music and writing your mystery novels?

NF: I love writing short stories as well as novels. In fact, this year my story “Soaring” is featured in a Black Pear Press anthology. I’m very proud of that.

IC: That reminds me, you recently received some other exciting news to be proud of. Do you want to tell us about that?

NF: Absolutely! I was nominated for a 2017 Top Female Authors Award presented by The Authors Show. And I know everyone says this, but it really is so humbling to have been nominated.


IC: Congratulations. That’s happy news. Do your stories always have a happy ending?

NF: Yes, but the way they get there will keep you guessing right up to the last page.

IC: Between a family, a job, and writing short stories as well as novels, it sounds like you stay pretty busy. Is that something you enjoy, or are you hoping to slow down soon?

NF: No, no slowing down for me. I get bored easily, and I’m often seeking new adventures.

IC: Speaking of new adventures, your latest novel, Forbidden Colours, is being well received, and it has a distinctly original plot line. I read one summary that called Forbidden Colours “a gripping love story which contains elements of psychological suspense. It has enough adrenaline-fueled drama to power the national grid!” Wow! That sounds great.

NF: Thank you. I think it is.

IC: Give us an idea of how you came up with this story.ForbiddenColoursCvr

NF: Well, it was the case of an annoying question that woke me up at 4 a.m. and wouldn’t let me rest until I’d written something. I had read a newspaper article about the complexity of the human brain and, well, it all started from there.

IC: Did you start with the plot line, or with the characters?

NF: I got the protagonist, Midori Yates, firmly fixed in my mind’s eye, and she took charge and dictated the direction of the plot.

IC: I’ve heard that it’s not only a mystery, it’s almost got a touch of science fiction. Is that right?

NF: I have a passion for science, so it was exciting to incorporate that into a book. The story centers around a new drug being brought to market that does not quite do what it is supposed to do. And I’ll just leave it at that. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens. So, you asked how I came up with the story. I can tell you I started Forbidden Colours with a question, and everything flowed from there.

IC: Okay, now I have to ask: What was the question?

NF: It’s a question I often ask myself, but it seldom leads me in such an unusual direction as it did in Forbidden Colours. The question is: “What if…?”

IC: The perfect question for any writer, Nicole. Thanks for sharing some of the behind-the-scenes facts about you as an author and about your newest mystery novel, Forbidden Colours. We wish you much success now and in the future.

NF: Thanks. It’s been fun.


Connect with author Nicole Fitton on her website, on her Facebook page, on Twitter, and on Pinterest. And visit Nicole’s Amazon Author Page.

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More about

Forbidden Colours


Nicole Fitton


What if your memories were not your memories? What if the drug hailed as a cure became your curse and ultimately your destruction?


Forbidden Colours is a gripping tale where nothing is quite as it seems. Neurologist Nick Campbell is all set to believe in new drug, Centoria, but when his patients start turning up dead he starts to wonder whether his faith has been blind.


Determined to uncover the truth, pharmaceutical employee Midori Yates and Dr Nick Campbell find a conspiracy that is to have devastating consequences for both of them. Forbidden Colours is a clever contemporary thriller that has numerous twists and turns that will make your head spin! A book for bedtime? Maybe, but don’t expect to get any sleep!

Excerpt from

Forbidden Colours


Katzuko Yates eyed her daughter thoughtfully. A sense of apprehension gripped her. Those years in Japan were long ago; she wondered if she could be clear with her explanation. Even though buried, her memories continued to breathe under the mountain of life she’d lived. Dare she even speak of them? Could she speak of them? Their place of residence had become an unmarked grave in her history. Her family had a right to know, after everything that had happened. His world was dark and full of shadows; where would she begin? For over 25 years she had told no one. Now she was being drawn back into his world. It was a time she wanted to forget. The tie that had been bound to her so tightly was about to be broken.



Get to know the DAMIEN DICKENS MYSTERIES — Box Set

Today we are featuring the three-novel Box Set.DickensBoxSet

THE GREEN PEARL CAPER, first novel in the series, led to a second, THE WHITE RUSSIAN CAPER, and the second led to a third, THE CHOCOLATE LABRADOODLE CAPER. The three published novels are now united in a Kindle ebook compilation, DAMIEN DICKENS MYSTERIES: BOOKS 1,PhyllisEntis3 2, & 3.


This month I’m recommending to you the Damien Dickens Mysteries series Boxed Set from author Phyllis Entis.

You may recall my earlier recommendations of Phyllis’ novels about the husband-and-wife private detectives Damien and Millie Dickens.

You’ll want to enjoy all three stories of Damien and Millie’s exploits before the fourth Damien Dickens Mystery is released later this year.

Download DAMIEN DICKENS MYSTERIES: BOOKS 1, 2 & 3 from Amazon today.


Contact author Phyllis Entis:

 Website & Blog







Review of Brew or Die, A Java Jive Mystery, by Caroline Fardig

★★★★★ Five stars from reviewer Iris Chacon.

The reviewer received a complimentary copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest, objective review.


The game’s afoot at the Java Jive Coffeehouse, where Juliet (“Jules”) Langley has finally received her long-awaited private investigator’s license. This fulfills a long-time dream of Juliet’s, not that she hasn’t solved a crime or two (in previous books) without a license. Still, she’s a profes31349052sional PI now — when she can get time off from her coffeehouse boss, Pete Bennett.


Pete would prefer not to give Jules time to work as a PI because, frankly, as her best friend (and perennially almost more-than-friend), he doesn’t want her putting herself in danger. And with Jules’s history, it is a virtual certainty that in whatever she gets involved, there will eventually be danger.


The personal relationships in the book are as entertaining as the mysteries to be solved. In addition to Jules’s halfway romantic attachment to her boss and best friend, Pete, Jules has also accumulated one too many boyfriends. Actually, one of them, Detective Ryder Hamilton, is an ex-boyfriend; the other, Detective John Stafford, is the “rebound boyfriend.” The two men are personality opposites who would not be buddies in any case, but they are especially prickly on the subject of Jules.


When the fiancée of a Java Jive Coffeehouse co-worker is murdered, Jules jumps on the case, despite the discouraging words offered by Pete, Ryder, and John. Only Jules’s girlfriend, Maya, who runs the private investigations agency, is enthusiastic and encouraging. Of course, Maya immediately leaves town on extended family business, and Jules is left to keep the agency going and solve the murder on her own. Or, she would like to do it on her own, but she faces constant interventions by Pete, Ryder, and John.


The plot thickens, additional crimes are added to the mix, characters reveal themselves to be other than what we supposed them to be, and there are enough twists and turns and surprises to keep the reader turning pages steadily all the way to the end.


I would recommend this mystery to anyone who enjoys a good whodunit with a strong female lead. The story is so fast-paced and entertaining, you will not realize until you have finished that the book is free of vulgarity, profanity, and explicit sex. As a movie, it would probably be rated PG because of violence; there are murders, after all.


Earlier books in The Java Jive Mysteries series include Death Before Decaf, Mug Shot, and A Whole Latte Murder. (The third book was reviewed by this writer in October 2016.)


Brew or Die will be available after April 25, 2017, on Amazon.


Iris Chacon is addicted to both coffee and mysteries. Her latest novel, Duby’s Doctor, is available in ebook and paperback.