LOU’S TATTOOS, A Comedy of Errors

Randall, a famous photographer, loves Lourdes, a popular tattoo artist — in 1995, before tattoos became mainstream.  biker due silhouetteLourdes has many tattooed fans and admirers in motorcycle gangs across America.

They’re loyal, but not too smart; they think Randall is a hired hitman called Buddy the Blade, whom they know by evil reputation only. So it is that, when the earnest Randall strives to find Lourdes in a small Utah town, he is thwarted on every side by bumbling bikers. Randall is bemused, besotted, and bewildered, but he’s also brave and bold.

Randall has stared down charging rhinos, hungry pythons, and angry lions; he won’t be stopped by tattooed twats on two tires.  Only two questions remain unanswered:

  1.  “Will Randall find Lourdes and win her heart before Buddy the Blade finds her and stops it for good?”  and
  2.  “Why haven’t you read this one yet?”

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5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.
5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Goodreads.

Readers are sending me some wonderful comments and opinions of LOU’S TATTOOS — whenever they can stop laughing.

Instantly, I know that I’ll be hooked.

  Mule biker dude

I’d be in tears if I wasn’t laughing so loud.


My goldfish is going into therapy - I'm laughing like a lunatic.

motorcycle chaser silhouette

Laughed right out loud!

Biker dude cartoon

Loving this story as much as your others and can’t wait to read more.

motorcycle glyph

I burst out laughing so loud my goldfish flipped over with the seismic shock☺🐠🐠

So much fun!!! Love it!


Thank you, dear readers, for your enthusiastic responses and your tremendous encouragement.

If you have read and enjoyed LOU’S TATTOOS, A Comedy of Errors, won’t you take a minute to leave a rating on Amazon or Goodreads today, please?  Your opinion means a lot to prospective new readers.

Happy Reading2

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