If you’re reading DUBY’S DOCTOR for free on Wattpad (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll want to click on over right now to check out Chapter 10: Kavanaugh, posted today. If you’ve already fallen in love with Jean and Mitchell and their entourage, you can download the entire ebook (and set your own price, including FREE!) on Smashwords. Prefer…

DUBY’S DOCTOR: Ch.9-Animals

Duby has settled into a routine, but today is not routine:  he faces a sudden death at St. Luke’s Daycare.  Meanwhile, Carinne witnesses a brutal killing in her own back yard. Chapter 9 (“Animals”) of DUBY’S DOCTOR is posted to read free online today at Wattpad. Set your own price for the e-book. Order the paperback novel.    

Chapter 8: KNIGHT

 In chapter 8 of DUBY’S DOCTOR, Jean attends his first day of school, while Carinne remembers she once had a “knight in shining armor,” who suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.  Read for FREE this new chapter, posted today, on Wattpad.

An Unwilling Mommy

Chapter 7 of DUBY’S DOCTOR has been posted on Wattpad for you to read for FREE! Agent Stone forces Mitchell into a role she never anticipated and certainly doesn’t want:  Jean’s surrogate mommy!  Wait until you see what happens when this working mom tries to enroll her 250-lb. “baby boy” in daycare! Get the paperback novel…