Book Review: A Gift of Butterflies, by David Toft

5 stars from reviewer Iris Chacon.

I purchased this book for myself, and this is my honest review.

You have heard it said: “If looks could kill, I’d have been a dead man.”

You may even give a few of those killing glares yourself when some fool zips around you into the parking space for which you have patiently waited.

But what if you awoke one day to discover that your moment of silent anger had actually caused someone’s sudden, gruesome demise?

Mark and Susie, with two of their friends, experience this unexplainable horror when they unwittingly cause several deaths before they realize what has happened to them.

Such is the premise of David Toft’s novel, The Gift of Butterflies. It is the first in a series, and you won’t want to sleep until you have finished this novel (and probably ordered the next in the series immediately).

They struggle to learn to control their macabre new “gift” — hopefully before they kill innumerable people, or even each other.

The four friends soon become three, then two, and only Mark and Susie are left to find safety from one another and from strangers who seek to use the couple’s abominable “gift” for nefarious purposes.

The grace and fluidity of David Toft’s prose carry the reader through the adventure with ease and alacrity. The author compels us forward with increasing suspense and growing emotional attachment to the characters.

The ending of The Gift of Butterflies will stun you and propel you onward to book two of the trilogy as quickly as you can click the link at the back of book one.(Caution, parents: contains some strong language and adult sexuality inappropriate for children.)

Book Two of the Trilogy

Look for book two, A Legacy of Butterflies, and book three, A Betrayal of Butterflies, wherever you get your favorite books.

Book Three of the Trilogy

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