Another Name-the-Authors Puzzle Just for You

It’s February! Valentine’s Month, the time for love.

And what do we love? Books! And Authors! And fun — which in this case is a new puzzle.

I’ve made you another Name-the-Authors crossword puzzle, like one we did a few months ago, only with new clues and new answers.

Here it is, ready for you to print out and solve (or challenge the kids to solve). Bonus points if you don’t have to google any of the titles to get the author’s name! Have fun!

The answers are below, but no peeking allowed!

How did you do? Did you know all twelve authors’ names? Be honest, did you have to google any of the titles? That’s okay. Some of these titles were best sellers in the 14th century, I think; they’re pretty old. You can’t be expected to remember that far back.

You can check your answers below, and treat yourself to a nice box of Valentine chocolates for doing such a good job today.

I’ll be back next month with another puzzle, hand-crafted especially to give you a break in your busy day. Maybe we’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next time!

Until then,


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