Guest: Author Iris Chacon

I was honored and happy to be part of this interview by Tonette Joyce of Four Foxes, One Hound. The interviewer’s question were extraordinary and sometimes surprisingly astute. Happy reading
Iris Chacon

Four Foxes, One Hound

I knew that I had to ask Iris Chacon in as a guest as soon as I read her “Schifflebein’s Folly”. It was one of the nicest experiences I have had all year; a charming story so amusingly well-told that I wish that I could simply sit and read her whole catalogue, but that is not possible right now. (I have made a start.)

Of interest to most of us here, Iris touches in some works on serious subject matter, but it is all ‘clean’ reading; I can’t recommend her more highly.

Iris has received many awards for her writing (with no surprise from me). She’s had many careers and experiences, which are certainly reflected in her work and with whom many of our people here can relate: teacher/professor, musician and librarian, to name a few.

Iris is a native Floridian, considered a “Southern Humorist” by some, but her…

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