Book Review: GROUNDS FOR MURDER (A Coffee Lover’s Mystery), by Tara Lush

If you love coffee, mystery, or an entertaining story told with breezy style, then Grounds for Murder, by Tara Lush, is perfect for you.

I received a free advance copy of this book from the publisher, and I submit this review voluntarily, reflecting my honest, unbiased opinion.

On a tiny resort island in the Gulf of Mexico, Lana owns a popular, trendy coffee bistro called Perkatory. When she finds a corpse outside her building, she knows who it is, and she knows — regardless of what people may claim — this was not a suicide.

Lana, a former reporter, begins her own search for a murderer, even though the handsome police chief forbids it. Naturally, as with any good mystery, the island is replete with fascinating suspects.

Readers of Tara Lush’s Grounds for Murder get a detailed behind-the-scenes look at the joys and tribulations of being a coffee barista. In addition, the author immerses readers so well in the island setting, this novel becomes a welcome mid-winter vacation in warm, sunny Florida.

I happily give Grounds for Murder, by Tara Lush, five stars, and I heartily recommend it to readers of all ages.

The book contains no offensive language or sexuality.

GET Grounds for Murder (A Coffee Lover’s Mystery), by Tara Lush, online at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, KOBO, or look for the title on your favorite book seller’s website. Or, get Grounds for Murder on AUDIOBOOK HERE.

Follow author Tara Lush on AMAZON, on GOODREADS, and/or on BOOKBUB. Grounds for Murder is Book 1 in the Coffee Lover’s Mystery series, and you will want to know when future books in the series are released.

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