How well do you know classic books? Test yourself with a crossword puzzle I made for you.

It’s Christmas season here in the US, and whatever holiday you celebrate at your house this month, you deserve a break from all the hullabaloo. Relax by doing this easy crossword puzzle.

The clues are titles of classic books. The answer to each is the author’s name.  This is a good one to work on together with the kids. Let them google the title and find the answer with you.  I hope by the time you receive this, we’re all no longer quarantined. If not, this is one way to fight boredom or cabin fever. 

So, print it out and get started! (Answers at the end of this message.)  Good luck!
How did you do?  Did you get them all?The answers are just below.  I hope you had fun attempting the puzzle. I had fun creating it for you. I’ll be sending you another puzzle custom-made for you in about a month.. 

Until then, Happy Puzzling and Happy Reading!



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