Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

In this charming novella by Mary M. Beasley, Police Officer Maria Rodriguez falls in love at first sight. Dr. Tate Weston loves her, too, but before they can even have a second date, they are strangers again.

Maria is injured and remembers nothing about meeting or knowing the young doctor who visits her constantly in the hospital. Tate determines to woo and win her all over again, whatever it takes.  

Meanwhile, Maria’s nefarious ex-boyfriend uses her illness to pretend they are still together. Thusly he begins re-inserting himself into her life for his own foul reasons.

Author Mary M. Beasley creates a pleasant, small, church-centered community in which the characters are real people with both flaws and faith.

Some of them communicate with their Lord in the manner of respectful friends, frequently and candidly. They question and worry like normal people do, and they have no super powers except their determination never to give up the hope they have in their God.

Image by Alemko Coksa from Pixabay

The story features many people of color as well as people of faith and is notable for its intrinsic diversity. The narrative is well-paced and can be read in one afternoon easily. After reading this third book in the series, I look forward to reading about the other characters residing in the little town of Resting Place.

RESTING PLACE: DEJA VU contains plenty of romance, but no explicit sex or coarse language. I deducted one star for clerical errors in the text, which I hope will be corrected before the next edition is published.

Get RESTING PLACE: DEJA VU on AMAZON, where you will also find the other books in the Resting Place series.

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