Announcing a MAMMOTH Audiobook Launch!

Attention, all you Shep-& Miranda lovers out there, the sequel to Finding Miranda is finally on AUDIOBOOK!

Get your FREE* audiobook download of THE MAMMOTH MURDERS right now at

Readers of Finding Miranda may remember that, in addition to risking life and limb and solving murders and other crimes, at the end of the book Shep and Miranda became engaged.

In THE MAMMOTH MURDERS, the couple faces hilarious interference from their families until, suddenly, all wedding plans are moot. Expect murders to solve and dangers to face — with lots of surprises along the way — and all your favorite Minokee characters along for the ride.

A brand new character pitches in to find clues and guide the humans in solving THE MAMMOTH MURDERS. You’ll enjoy meeting Zeus!

*Quantities are limited, and free downloads are presently available only in the US and UK. Sorry.

THE MAMMOTH MURDERS AUDIOBOOK is on sale now on Amazon/Audible sites in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Listen to these Samples from THE MAMMOTH MURDERS on Audio.


“You are unbelievable!”

“She’s right. I am unbelievable. But it sounds like a bad thing, the way she says it, so I do not think she means me. I am incredible in good ways only.”

“Unbelievable in what way?”

“How could you!”

“Um, … sorry, but I’m going to need some sort of context before I try to answer that question.”


“You crazy if you think I send blind guy down into black hole to ‘look around’ for a body — or whatever else is down there!”

“So, you plan to leave the blind guy up top to be the ‘lookout’?” was Shep’s retort. “And besides, which one of us is accustomed to navigating in places where you can’t see, huh?”


“I think you owe me an apology for accusing me of pursuing other women.”

“Only one woman.”

“Nonetheless, I want you to admit you were wrong, and you accused me falsely.”

“I apologize, I was wrong, I accused you falsely. Is that all?”

” I want my cat back. I know Zeus hangs out at your house, and I want you to send him home. I’m the one who feeds him; he shouldn’t take sides against me.”

“No, I am the one who feeds him,” said Carlo. “He can take any side he wants.”

Here are the links, again, for your convenience.

For FREE audiobook downloads in the US and UK (while they last), click HERE.

To buy the audiobook in the USA, click HERE.

To buy the audiobook in the UK, click HERE.

To buy the audiobook in France, click HERE.

To buy the audiobook in Germany, click HERE.

Zeus says “Ciao!

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