Book Review: The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock

Rated five stars by reviewer Iris Chacon.

I purchased this book from Amazon and am voluntarily posting my honest opinion.

In this delightful Australian comedy, Oliver Clock is the world’s most perfect funeral director. Clock and Son funeral parlor has been in operation since Oliver’s grandfather was “Clock” and Oliver’s father was “Son.” Then his father was “Clock” and Oliver was “Son.” Finally, Oliver is “Clock” and worrying whether there will ever be a “Son” again.

Oliver is constantly writing resolutions for self -improvement, since being a perfect funeral director doesn’t always translate into being the perfect man. Oliver has developed habits are born easily when you live on your own: Talking to yourself; lining up pantry items in alphabetical order; storing balled-up socks in color-coordinated rows in a drawer; and fantasizing — writing lists of things you’d like to do, imagining a life that isn’t yours. Oliver can do all of this from the comfort of his sofa.

Oliver’s fantasy life conflicts with his actual life in unexpected and comical ways until a tragedy occurs that saddens Oliver for a time. In true, optimistic Clock and Son style, however, Oliver begins taking charge of his own future and taking steps to make some of his resolutions come true.

He may not always succeed, and he may not succeed in the ways he imagined, but Oliver’s attempts to keep his resolutions will keep readers smiling and laughing.

In these days of isolation and COVID-19 fears, The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock is just what the doctor ordered to make you laugh and to carry you far from your own sofa.

Kudos to Sydney author Jane Riley on creating a lovable Everyman character who infuses every page with fun and optimism

The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock, by Jane Riley, is available on AMAZON. Follow the author on AMAZON or GOODREADS.

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This is a funny way to build a family!


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