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Iris Chacon’s historical novel, Mudsills & Mooncussers, A Novel of Civil War Key West, is now in the Indie Florida collection from BiblioBoard Library’s mobile & web platform.

In this lively story of espionage and sweet romance, Southerner Aaron Matthews (not his real name) is from a prominent Charleston, South Carolina, family. The family is less than proud of Aaron in 1861, because, unlike his brother, Aaron has joined the Northern Army.

Aaron’s Southern manners and accent make him an ideal spy, and the Northern Army sends him incognito to the southernmost city in the USA: Key West, Florida. Aaron’s job is to find and neutralize a Southern spy working on the island.

Aaron meets and pursues an attractive young lady, Josephine Marie Thibodeaux (known as “Joe”), while renting a room in her parents’ Key West home. Ironically, he is using the room vacated by Joe’s brother, who has run away to join the Confederate Army, just like Aaron’s brother did. But that is not the only thing they have in common.

Unfortunately, Joe’s mother and Aaron’s mother have socialized together back in Charleston. Joe’s mother knows all about the black sheep of the Charleston family, the one who is a Yankee soldier.

If Aaron’s affection for Josephine Marie becomes known to Joe’s disapproving mother, she will almost certainly reveal his identity and possibly end his life. But that is not the worst that could happen.

Worse would be if Aaron’s targeted Confederate spy turns out to be the very woman he has come to love. And increasingly, evidence points in her direction.

MUDSILLS & MOONCUSSERS is available to patrons of participating libraries in Florida and the Southeastern United States with just one click of a button. Get out your library card and click on BIBLIOBOARD.

You may also cut and paste this link into your web browser:

Watch a 1-min. trailer for Mudsills & Mooncussers.

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