The Birthday Girl – Guest Post

Enjoy this blog post by author Phyllis Entis’s adorable pup, Shalom. This should put you in the gift-giving mood for the holidays! Thanks for sharing, Shalom! And we hope your birthday was as happy as it seems to have been.

Phyllis Entis

Hello everyone. My name is Shalom, and today is my fourth birthday.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an Australian Cobberdog. My full name is “Rutland’s Shalom” and I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with my Momsy (Phyllis) and my Popsy (Mike).

When I first got out of bed this morning, I wasn’t sure whether or not Momsy and Popsy had remembered my birthday. There were no special morning cuddles, other than those I get every morning, and I couldn’t smell anything new in the house that might be a special treat.

I was actually feeling a little down in the mouth.

Boy, was I wrong!

After breakfast, Popsy sneaked into Momsy’s office and removed a bag from the bottom drawer. I tried to follow him as he took the bag into the bedroom, but he closed the door on me. I stood patiently outside…

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