Book Review: FOUR CHRISTMASES AND A SECRET, by Zara Stoneley

Rated five stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon.
If “Four Weddings and a Funeral” had been made by the Hallmark Channel, it might have turned out to be something like Four Christmases and a Secret.

Uncle T’s outlandish, over-the-top Christmas parties at his quaint village bookstore have entertained the entire town for years. Daisy is not entertained, however, when Uncle T surprises her with the return of her nemesis, Oliver (The Perfect Man) Cartwright, fourteen years after he shamefully “snogged” Daisy under the Christmas-party mistletoe.

Oliver and Daisy grew up together, their mothers are best friends. Both mothers boast constantly about Oliver’s successes in life, which are stellar, especially compared to Daisy’s total failure to grow into a “responsible adult” with a “real career” or a real “education.” In short, Daisy hates him.

That won’t matter, however, because Uncle T has a secret that will cast Daisy and Oliver in new roles. Roles they must play in tandem, like it or not.

Author Zara Stoneley

If you liked Bridget Jones’s hilarious diary, you will enjoy Daisy’s story. Although she tells it with a good deal of Brit slang expressions suitable for mature audiences, there is really no explicit sex or excessive cursing. The story is simply adorable and often surprising.


I received a free advance copy of the book from #NetGalley, and I am voluntarily posting my honest review.

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