Book Review: THE CRIMSON DEATHBRINGER, by Sean Robins

BOOK REVIEW:  The Crimson Deathbringer, by Sean Robins

Rated five stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon. #BooksGoSocial  #CrimsonDeathbringer I purchased this ebook, and this is my honest review.

The year is 2047, and Jim Harrison, famous fighter pilot, has written a best-selling memoir of his exploits in the war for a United Earth.

Now, an evil dictator has taken over the U.E. government, and Jim’s former war buddies are part of the Resistance, trying to restore democracy to the world.

Jim and his warrior friends, Kurt and Allen, don’t yet know they (and Jim’s girlfriend, Liz) are about to be conscripted into a third conflict they don’t even know about: Earth is about to be invaded by the Xortaags.

The Xortaags, whose home planet is dying, have conquered and colonized around a hundred planets, and Earth is their next target. Their fleet of deadly fighter craft are led by General Maada in his dreaded ultimate killing machine: The Crimson Deathbringer.

The good news is: Earth has already been (secretly) invaded by the Akakie. They have lost their own planet to the Xortaags and are seeking a peaceful life hidden away under a high-tech dome. They have been watching the Xortaags and know the invasion is coming.

The Akakie have determined Earth’s government, with its evil dictator, is too chaotic and corrupt for the Akakie to ally with it. So, the Akakie have conscripted leaders of the Resistance — like Jim, Kurt, Allen, and Liz.

The Akakie have a plan to defend Earth, and they have advanced technology to offer, but they need the Resistance fighters.

When Kurt asks the Akakie commander, “How come you couldn’t stop them on your own?”, the Akakie response is, “Because we are all pussies.” 

This is a rollicking war story with a shipful of originality, plenty of action, a soupcon of romance, and a great deal of humor. Jim Harrison sports the cocky fighter-pilot attitude and constantly quotes from ancient television shows — especially Star Trek. (He decided to marry Liz the first time she quoted Mr. Spock.)

Sean Robins has crafted a fun and easy read that will keep you entertained from start to finish. I gave this sci-fi delight a full five stars out of five. Recommended.

Warning: Curse words appear occasionally. They do not proliferate, however.

You can get THE CRIMSON DEATHBRINGER on AMAZON, where you can also follow the AUTHOR. For other reviews and ratings on THE CRIMSON DEATHBRINGER, look at its page on GOODREADS or on BOOKBUB.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: THE CRIMSON DEATHBRINGER, by Sean Robins

    • Thanks for letting me know you found it, Sean. I was just telling someone yesterday how much I enjoyed your book and your creative originality. I’m glad you found the review shareable, and I hope it helps someone else to discover The Crimson Deathbringer.


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