Book Review: LOVE & OTHER MISTAKES, by Jessica Kate

BOOK REVIEW:  Love and Other Mistakes, by Jessica Kate

Rated four stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon.

I received a free copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and I am voluntarily posting my honest review. #NetGalley #LoveAndOtherMistakes


Seven years ago, pastor’s daughter Natalie Groves was on her way to realizing all her dreams of college, marriage, and a career in a ministry she loved. Then, her father got cancer, Natalie dumped college and career plans to be the breadwinner for her family, and fiancè, Jeremy Walters, left her at the alter and promptly disappeared.

Now, Jeremy has returned to town with an infant son and no wife. Natalie is not now, and may never be, ready to forgive her runaway groom, but with her father’s health worsening she urgently needs a second job. The only job available in her small town at the moment is as nanny to Jeremy’s child. Awkward is too nice a word.

Author Jessica Kate weaves a story with humor, pathos, romance, and faith, without becoming preachy, condescending, or judgmental. Faith in God is simply an understated constant in the lives of these people. And if Natalie and Jeremy don’t kill each other (figuratively speaking, of course), they may learn how harmony and happiness depend upon God’s timing.

A sweet, charming romance with no offensive material, this book is enjoyable for Christians and non-Christians alike. I give it four stars out of five. Recommended.


Love And Other Mistakes, by Jessica Kate, is available on AMAZON. Follow the author on AMAZON or GOODREADS.

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