Review: DARK ENTRY by John B. Kachuba

Rated 5 out of 5 stars by reviewer Iris Chacon.  An advance review copy was provided by the publisher without obligation of any kind.  This review reflects the honest and voluntary opinion of Iris Chacon.


Are you looking for a captivating, imaginative, literally haunting story? Then, you’ll find John Kachuba’s DARK ENTRY is just what the doctor ordered (before the doctor was murdered, of course. But I digress.)


What does one do after escaping an abusive boyfriend? Why, hide out at a friend’s isolated forest cabin atop a haunted mountain, of course. Naturally, things will go bump in the night. Uninvited visitors will show up — some of them very dangerous people (or not people). And, you should expect to find surprises of the good, bad, and ugly kinds around every turn. (One character even finds out late in the story that s/he is not what s/he thought s/he was.)


Before Sandy Lawrence arrives at her girlfriend’s remote cabin, the reader already knows that things scarier than a mean ex-boyfriend are lurking in the dark mountain woods. You will eagerly follow Sandy’s story from page to page to page, growling at anyone or anything that tries to divert you before you’ve finished reading the book.



DARK ENTRY is perfect for curling up by the fireside on an autumn evening. If you can read it in a cabin in the woods, so much the better!

Check out DARK ENTRY on Amazon [LINK], and take a look at John Kachuba‘s Amazon author page [LINK] for a look at all of his books.


DARK ENTRY contains brutal murders, domestic violence, and frightening supernatural beings and events. This book is probably too intense for young children, but it does not contain erotica or excessive cursing.

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