Indie Pride Challenge: Day 1

Join the 5-day Indie Pride Challenge.

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Indie Pride Day 2018

In 2015, I took part in the #INDIEROAR 10-DAY CHALLENGE, the event introduced me to many new-to-me authors, quite a few of whom I am now privileged to count among my friends.

Since then I have tried to support as many indie authors as I can by buying, reading and reviewing their books. Also by interviewing the authors and spotlighting their books on my blogs.

To coincide with Indie Pride Day, 2018, I’d like to take the opportunity to try and introduce more readers to the world of indie, by hosting my own five day Indie Pride Challenge.

Indie Pride Challenge Day 1:

#IndiePrideDay Selfie

Print out the picture below and take a selfie with it. Post it on Twitter and/or Facebook, including the hashtags #IndiePrideChallenge #IndiePrideday and #IndieBooksbeSeen

Indie Pride

Come back tomorrow for day 2 of the challenge!

Take part in all 5 days of the challenge for…

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