Who is your reader? Finding your audience #WriterWednesday #AuthorMarketing #Marketing #AmWriting

These are great tips, Ms. Haggerty! Thanks. I expect many authors will be as eager as I am to put your hard-won wisdom to work! Keep us advised of your success!

D.E. Haggerty

who is your reader 2I recently blogged about how my latest advertisement on Amazon totally tanked. (You can read the article here or just pretend I never said that. I’d actually prefer the second option.) In that blog, I concluded my ad failed as I didn’t properly target my audience. The projected audience of the ad was in the hundreds of thousands. Yikes! As much as I’d like to think my books appeal to all one and half billion people who inhabit this planet we call earth and speak English, that’s just not true. Not even close to true. *Sighs*

who is your reader 1

But how do you find those potential readers who are actually interested in reading what you’ve written? Based on several blogs I’ve read and lectures I’ve attended, I’ve come up with the following system.

Step #1

Find two or three established writers whose books are similar to the genre in which you write or…

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