The magic goes on

Good news for readers everywhere: LS Fellows is bringing us the follow-up book to her sublime, fascinating Magic O’Clock. I know you’ll enjoy her post. Happy Easter. And happy reading.😀

Just 4 My Books

There’s something about Spring that makes me want to freshen things up a little, and while working on the cover for Magical Memories I decided to have a look at its predecessor too.
So, this isn’t just a cover reveal for the second book, it’s a cover reveal for the whole ‘series’ 🙂

I say ‘series’ in the loosest sense possible, since even when book two is out it’ll still only be a two-book series, but …

Nah, I’ve said too much. And I really should stop making rash promises to write more about Archie and his life.

So, back to business and the cover reveal for Magical Memories.

With any luck, this will be available to pre-order soon. The cover depicts a scene in the story, a memory of happier times that the daughter-narrator shares with her father as his life draws to an end. Seaside holidays always have…

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