Have you had enough of me yet?

Just 4 My Books

Well, if that’s the case, then you’re not going to like this.

Geez, anyone would think I had a book release coming!

Yep, today I’m over at Reade and Write (which is such a cool name for a site, and just happens to be Amy’s surname – it must have been fate)

It would be lovely to see you there, too 🙂

Today I welcome another member of Mystery Authors International, Lynne (L.S.) Fellows, to Reade and Write to talk about her upcoming release, Casualty of Court. But before we get to that, a couple of housekeeping reminders: first, next week is my inaugural First Tuesday Recipes blog post. Don’t forget to email me at amymreadeauthor@gmail.com by 2/2/18 […]

via Casualty of Court by L.S. Fellows — Reade and Write

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